About us

Our history and mission

“Nord Organics” – high quality organic fertilizers with “Plant Probiotic”; “Agro Probiotic” and “Soil Probiotic” trademarks’, producer working in the field since 2007. Products are produced from Lithuanian sapropel and peat and are fully suitable for home users and agriculture professionals.

The main “Nord Organics” MISSION – to provide production to the market, which will help to create long term agriculture foundation and IMPROVE SOIL QUALITY. Also, by reducing production costs increase soil productivity, INCREASE HARVEST QUALITY and QUANTITY.

“Nord Organics” is aiming to spread the awareness of increasing agricultural problems, change attitude to workable soil and farm responsibly.

By understanding present problems and threats to agricultural, gardening, horticulture sectors we CLOSELY COOPERATE with SCIENCE AND RESEARCH CENTRES, that directly participate in our product development and testing processes.


Cultivated fields are unsuitable for use because of erosion


Takes years to form 1 cm of cultivated soil


Every minute we lose football stadiums size of cultivated fields

We protect and respect nature


Soil conservation – a very important goal in today‘s society. It is estimated that 95% of the planet‘s food is produced in only 40% of fertile soil. For the record, this problem does not receive much attention. Due to the rapid growth of world population, it is unlikely that the amount of needed food will decrease. It may become very difficult to provide humankind with natural food production during the process of decreasing fertile areas.


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