Soil – yield – life

In this simple chain the priority goes to the first item. By following mankind’s needs there was a need to intensify agricultural output, therefore it is not a surprise as the soil loose its fertility. This problem has been solved differently by using various...

Plant and Soil Probiotics increase fertilizer activity

Transformation of organic remains to humic materials is called humification process. Differently from live cells, where the biopolymer synthesis takes place depending on the genetic code, humification process does not have a genetic code, therefore can appear various...

Soil needs help

Many farmers nowadays tend to notice that mineral fertilisers are not as effective as previously. Soil degradation is one of the most important reasons of low fertiliser performance. It can be said that there are no healthy soils left. Chemical agricultural model...

Looking for organic fertilisers? They are here!

When planning winter crop fertilization farmers often speak about organic fertilizers. Regarding the organic fertilizers, the most well-known ones are natural origin products named humic acids. For farmers we recommend liquid and loose Soil and Plant Probiotic...

Mission – to create suitable growth conditions

Agriculture – one of the most important effective economy part. The most important objective of modern agriculture – to ensure country‘s needs for food and raw food products. However, the increasing intensity of agriculture sector in most cases is related to...

Our ambassadors

Dr. Vytautas Liakas

The head of Aleksandro Stulginskio Universitetas Žemės ūkio mokslo ir technologijų parkas, ASU Associate Professor of Faculty of Agronomy Lithuania

Oskars Purmalis

Head of Laboratory of Environmental technologies in University of Latvia, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences, Department of Environmental Sciences Latvia

Dr. Julė Jankauskienė

Senior researcher at Institute of Horticulture Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (LAMMC) Lithuania

Aušra Brazaitytė

Chief researcher at Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Institute of Horticulture, Laboratory of Plant Physiology Lithuania

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