Many farmers nowadays tend to notice that mineral fertilisers are not as effective as previously. Soil degradation is one of the most important reasons of low fertiliser performance. It can be said that there are no healthy soils left. Chemical agricultural model caused biological soil degradation and in some of the soils some types of microorganisms are almost distinct. Instead of them new types of microorganisms take place which do not create symbiosis with plants. In root level, new microorganisms appear which do not feed plants but are parasites. As a result, even providing plants with microelements to the fullest they do not work efficiently. Farmers come across hybrid plant diseases, which cannot be cured by using fungicides. In order to protect the yield farmers, increase plant protection product norms and worsen soil biota even more.

The problem of the soil productivity is very serious. Agricultural models that are used nowadays can be not very efficient due to expanding production costs. Soil properties tend to renew. By using renewable sources, we will help you to create new technological agriculture model, which will emphasise the maintenance of natural soil formation processes’ intensity.

At this time, farmers follow two guidelines regarding the soil fertility: agrochemical specialists and soil science. Agrochemical scientists study soil properties related to mineral plant nutrition and emphasise the importance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for the plants. Therefore, this school of scientist’s value soil fertility only in the presence of mineral elements in the soil and their restoration can be achieved by adding additional chemical elements (their salts) to the soil. Farmers understand that if the yield carries away nutrients from the soil, that amount needs to be restored, plus it is essential to mineralise or more specifically decompose organic composites to inorganics.

Soil science school explain soil properties related to organic materials’ formation and their functioning. They try to explain to farmers that soil formation processes have been in place since very old times. They believe that farmers must understand that root secretion and plant remains are needed for the soil microorganism’s nutrition. Microorganisms (especially the ones in root level) produce active substances that dissolve soil mineral, therefore chemical elements from the minerals become accessible to plants.

Nitrogen is essential to achieve harmonical functionality of biological system nitrogen as some microorganism groups tend to fix it from the atmosphere. Scientists agree that due to this reason all soil biomass and organic, which microorganisms use as nutrients, have to be not mineralised, but stored and accumulated in the soil. By learning how to manage biomass composition nutrients production plant in the soil will work free of charge.

The production of natural plant nutrients creates soil fertility.