In year 2016 doctor Aušra Brazaitytė, doctor Julė Jankauskienė and PhD candidate Viktorija Vaštakaitė (Lithuanian research centre for agriculture and forestry – Institute of horticulture) conducted the trials „THE EFFECTS OF GROWING MEDIA, ENRICHED WITH VARIUOS CONCENTRATION PROBIOTIC (S100), ON LETTUCE“. The aim of the trials: to evaluate the usage of friable probiotic in various environments in order to improve plant growth and their inner quality.





1. Most suitable probiotic concentrations in growing media for baby gem lettuce growth and internal quality improvement were 10 and 25%.

2. 10 and 25% probiotic concentration in peat improved root development, which can be useful when transplanting seedlings to constant growth environment. In case of stronger roots, they adapt faster.

3. In case of using growing media enriched with 25% of friable probiotic, the grown baby gem lettuce have higher antioxidant potential. This can be proved by:

a. Significant ascorbic acid increase. This is a composition, which suppress reactive oxygen forms, thus preventing plant cells from oxidizing damage and can be as a response to stress.
b. Total phenol amount increase. Phenol composites are very important for plants‘ physiology and morphology, which can prevent from harmful effects of reactive oxygen forms.
c. Capability to bind free radicals.

4. Friable probiotic amount in growing media had an effect on nutrients‘ exchange in baby gem lettuce. The amounts of many nutrients (manganese, sodium, iron, boron) increased in baby gem lettuce in case of increasing probiotic amount in growing media.


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