Have you noticed that fresh tomato from the store almost does not have any smell? Would you be able to tell the difference between store bough tomato and cucumber while eating them blindfolded? In order for plant to grow only couple of main minerals. The main of them – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. Although, if we would like to feel the real smell, taste or see the real colour of true and healthy fruit or vegetable, we have to be sure that plant would receive all the required nutrients from the soil where it grows. We cannot affect the amount of sunlight, which plant receives, but to form suitable soil we CAN!

Suitable soil – we can call such soil, which can provide important nutrients and water for the plants. Firstly, practice and later scientific tests explained the relationship of soil fertility and humus content: the more thicker humus layer and organic part – the more fertile soil. Therefore, the effectiveness of natural organic fertiliser for soil quality and plant productivity is emphasized every year even more.

Sapropel and sapropel based product have been used as organic fertilisers for many decades. Sapropel – complex organic and mineral residues, formed on the bottom of some freshwater lakes out of flora and fauna origin remains. It is known that this naturally, during thousands of years formed substance has a large amount of macro and microelement, vitamins, amino acids and other biologically active substances. In general, it can be said that sapropel consists of nearly all most beneficial chemical elements from the Mendeleev chemical table. Also, sapropel is rich in microflora and especially in good bacteria, therefore in case of suitably prepared can be used as plant or soil probiotic, which improves plant growth as well as increase harvest. Sapropel or sapropel based fertilisers and soil improvers most often are used as a long-term substance for improving agrochemical soil properties and increasing plant productivity. Sapropel based organic fertilisers are unique as they are capable to remain active in the soil up to 5 years!

UAB Nord Organics offers Plant Probiotic and Soil Probiotic products – sapropel based natural organic blends, suitable for law, flower patch, garden or greenhouse soil improvement. These are ecological products, free of heavy metals and are certified as suitable for using in ecological agriculture. Scientific trials revealed that:

  • Plant Probiotic and Soil Probiotic increase humus layer: „By introducing probiotic blends into the soil improves organic matter content. By increasing microorganism number and their activity, organic matter is mineralised thus increasing humus fraction “.
  • Sapropel based products improve root growth;
  • Plants become more resistant to stress and unfavourable growth conditions (frosts, droughts, heavy rains, strong winds).
  • Products feature antioxidant effect on plants, which can be transferred to our organisms through consumption of grown fruits (similarly to green tea).
  • After testing harvest, scientists noticed that in case of inserting Plant Probiotic into the soil the mineral element content (magnesium, nitrogen, iron, boron) increased in fruits as well as in the soil.

Trial results proved that Plant Probiotic and Soil Probiotic soil improvers positively influence not only soil, but also plants and fruits. Recover the true taste of vegetables and fruits, the true colour and smell of your flowers!