Organic blend for fruit trees, berry shrubs, decorative plants


Plant Probiotic – concentrated blend for growing fruit trees, berry shrubs and decorative plants. This sapropel based natural product is suitable for using in ecological agriculture. Due to unique composition, product ensures long-term (up to 5 years!) plant feeding with nutrients. Plant Probiotic maintains optimal moisture content in top soil layer as well as increases root breathing. Product also, improves absorption of micro and macro element‘s, as a result, fruits do not store toxic substances; they ripen faster and have better exterior and taste properties. Scientific trials proofed that Plant Probiotic features antioxidant effect on plants, which can be transferred to our organisms through consumption of grown fruits.

Peat moss, activated organic sapropel, limestone ash. Product has natural humic, fulvic and amino acids, vitamins, ferments,  mycorrhizal fungi, glomaline and good bacteria.

Organic matter 80-90%
Dry matter 35-45%
pH 6 - 8

Berry shrubs;

Fruit trees;

Ornamental plants;

Plant transplanting.


Prepare a hole according to plant roots size and growing requirements. Pour 1 part of  Plant Probiotic and mix with 3 parts of soil. Water thoroughly.

CAUTION: Do not plants or seeds into the raw Plant Probiotic. Product has to be inserted into the soil or mixed with soil or peat.