All-purpose substrate with Plant Probiotic


All-purpose substrate with Plant Probiotic – a ready used substrate enriched with special technology additive – Plant Probiotic. Scientific trial proofed that natural Plant Probiotic improves plant resistance to stress, unfavorable growing conditions, fruit become healthier. Substrate consists of NPK, which ensures rapid plant establishment and provides nutrients for the initial stages, whereas natural Plant Probiotic ensures further plant development and releases nutrients gradually during the later growth stages. This product had good water holding capacity and optimizes moisture content in top soil layer as well as improves soil breathability.

Medium structure highland peat moss, plant probiotic, NPK (14+16+18), microelements, limestone ash. Product has natural humic, fulvic and amino acids, vitamins, ferments, mycorrhizal fungi, glomaline and good bacteria.

Content analysis:
Organic matter content >85%
Moisture 35-45%
pH 6-8

Outdoor plants;
Indoor plants;
Ornamental plants;
Perennial plants.


Prepare a hole according to their roots size and growing requirements. Fill the hole with substrate, cover the roots and water.


Fill the pot with substrate, plant the plant and water generously.

Before usage store in room temperature and mix thoroughly.