All-purpose organic mixture

1300l, 1700l

Plant Probiotic – natural soil improver, produced from Lithuanian sapropel and peat, rich in organic matter and features long-term activity (up to 5 years). Due sapropel, which contains good bacteria, amino acids and vitamins, this product activates soil microorganisms and initiated biological soil processes needed for the plants. Therefore, plants intake fertilisers better, develop stronger roots, significantly increase harvest quantity and quality. This product can be adapted to client‘s needs – enriched with requested additives or can be used as an active part for other soil improver production.

Loose Plant Probiotic is unique, biologically active complex suitable to use in intensified agriculture, traditional agriculture and greenhouses.

Peat moss, active organic sapropel, limestone ash. Product contains natural humic, fulvic, amino acids, vitamins, ferments, mycorrhizal fungi, glomaline and good bacteria.

Content analysis:
Organic matter 80-90%
Moisture 55-65%
pH 6 - 8

Product has to be mixed with soil or peat at the ration 1:3 (1 part of Plant Probiotic). In case of requested product modifications application norm can differ.